How has Technology Changed Education?

Technology and education are going shoulder in the modern world and the technology has impacted almost every state of our life even in the education system of the world. Seemingly the modern education is quite similar as it was a couple of centuries ago.

In old times and in recent times the style of the tutor is quite similar by standing on the podium and delivers the lectures. But today they don’t have to use the loud voices to pain their mouth, they can use microphone within the classroom and even the class have enough strength even then every student can listen clearly what the professor is saying.

On the other hands, students don’t have to catch or write each and every single line of the professor who has already been prepared his lecture in order to clear the concepts of their students. Now student have cell phones with front and back cameras to make audio and video of the lecture and then can concentrate after the class has all the knowledge the professor has shared within the classroom.

Moreover, students have modern technology in terms of cell phones, tablets, pads and computer devices connected to the internet and they can visit all the required material by visiting the search engine Google and consult with the lectures fully.

Therefore, in number ways, the technology has unveiled the magic and has profoundly changed the education. It has provided the students an easy access to the education. Now students can get education virtually by sitting in their homes.

In the post times, only the elite has the access to the books and opportunities, but the latest technology and the cyberspace has done enough and you can online download books and read whatever you want. There is no hassle and bustle to taking books beside you at school; a single notebook is enough. The time has gone when everyone has to go the libraries to get the piece of information.

The contemporary technology enables you to get the massive amount of information within a few clicks without visiting the well-known libraries in order to get a piece of information to be an educated person. The more you are tech- savvy the easier is the job for you to get knowledge online using the internet.

Now people are doing traditional online degrees programs by getting admissions in universities that provide students lectures virtually and they can pass the exams sitting in their homes and can become a graduate at least. Thanks to the technology that has provided unprecedented opportunities especially for those who cannot go to university or college due to some odd reasons.  


The communication tools of the technology such as instant messaging apps and the presence of computer labs within the schools connected to the internet have also been expanded the scope of education via technology. The old times or traditional classrooms are relatively been isolated and the collaboration has been limited to the others students in the same classroom or building. Now students can share their views with their idols whether they are scientists or belong to the other profession.

They can join a number of online forums related to the education and in their field of interest, and even can do interaction via social media and video calls using social messaging apps and other sources of the technology. They can send emails to the ones and can receive guidelines and can remotely get admission in the universities abroad.

On the other hands, the professors don’t have to run with the hectic situation, they can use multimedia and a little overview using the internet about the topic and students themselves have to do research on a particular subject rather than putting the entire burden on the teachers.

They can use Google and Wikipedia for doing research and without visiting the number of libraries and don’t have to spend hours and hours to find a book. They just need to know the book name and then they just have to put the name of the book into the search engine and can find out the content of the particular book in PDF form.


Today technology has captured the entire education system in the world and playing its massive role in the progress of the mankind. In-short technology is a genie that can help you out to have best of the best education no matter what color, creed and cast you belong to.


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