4 killer social media marketing tips for beginners!

Well, I think there is little doubt (if any) about the efficiency and deliverance of social media marketing for businesses. So, we will cut short on describing the benefits it can bring to any business.

Instead, we will be looking at how to actually campaign your first successful social media marketing campaign. Well, as a first timer, it certainly isn’t easy to pull it successfully, that too in a market that is over-saturated with competitors fighting to the throat to snatch away users from other businesses.

So, if you are looking to strategize your first social media marketing campaign, continue to read-on as we list some simple and effective steps to follow:

– Choosing the right platform:

Well, social media isn’t a single platform, rather there are multiple social media platforms available to businesses, each with its own distinctive appeal and niche. For instance, there’s the giant Facebook, which, can be termed as the battle platform for all sorts of businesses (who would like to miss out on a market with 2 billion active monthly users, right).

Similarly, there’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms which can be utilized to reach the target audience. Ideally, business should market on all (or most of the social media platform), however, since we are talking about the first campaign, it is best to find the most optimally suited platform that serves your business need.

– Optimize your profiles

This is one important component of any successful social media marketing campaign. You social media profile will introduce your business to the customers, thereby it is important to make it as appealing and interactive as possible.

Few considerations in this aspect include:

Make sure you use a real/relevant image on your profile page. Ideally, use your business logo as the display image. Avoid using irrelevant images like scenery, animals etc. which will simply degrade your business value.

Writing interactive and SEO friendly About US description is important. Make sure the content here contains all aspects of SEO friendliness and carries a sense of openness

Give a clear indication about the type of posts/content you’ll be sharing. For instance, my facebook profile clearly states social media marketing USA services, which gives my followers a clear indication about the content and posts I’ll be sharing with them

– Share Interesting Posts

Ok, you got to stay relevant to your industry as much as possible, but you can surely share some unique and interesting posts with your followers. In fact, the most successful viral posts for social media are those that carry a sense of inherent fun and interactivity. Social media users generally don’t prefer boring and serious stuff. Thereby, try to incorporate elements of fun and engagement in every post.

– Share Multiple posts per day

Until you really don’t overdo posting, it is beneficial to post multiple times a day. Different social media platforms have different ratings for the number of posts per day. For instance, for the Facebook business page you need to restrict your posting to 2 to 3 per day, whereas, for twitter the more you tweet the more exposure you get.

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